Sclerotic lumbar chordoma: A case report. Journal Article

Authors: Ansari, O; Anand, R; Serdynski, KC; Aktan, S; Ploussard, B; Allam, E
Article Title: Sclerotic lumbar chordoma: A case report.
Abstract: Chordoma is a rare tumor, often occurring in the cervical spine and sacrococcygeal spine with a lytic appearance, but rarely in the thoracolumbar spine. Chordomas can occasionally be sclerotic and are included in the differential diagnosis for an ivory vertebra. We present a case of a sclerotic chordoma in an upper lumbar vertebral body with corresponding multimodality imaging. This case demonstrates that chordoma should be a concern for an older adult with a sclerotic vertebral lesion, particularly if it is a solitary lesion. Knowledge of the variable location and appearance of chordomas is critical so it is not mistaken for a metastasis.
Journal Title: Radiology case reports
Publisher: Unknown  
Date Published: 2022
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