Phenyl-lactic acid is an active ingredientin bactericidal supernatants of . Journal Article

Authors: Abdul-Rahim, O; Wu, Q; Price, TK; Pistone, G; Diebel, K; Bugni, TS; Wolfe, AJ
Article Title: Phenyl-lactic acid is an active ingredientin bactericidal supernatants of .
Abstract: is a well-established probiotic, with antimicrobial activity against pathogens across several niches of the human body generally attributed to the production of bacteriostatic molecules, including hydrogen peroxide and lactic acid. Here, we show that the cell-free supernatants of clinical isolates of harbor robust bactericidal activity. We further identify phenyl-lactic acid as a bactericidal compound with properties and susceptibility range near-identical to that of the cell-free supernatant. As such, we hypothesize that phenyl-lactic acid is a key active ingredient in supernatant. Although is an established commensal microbe frequently used in probiotics, its protective role in the bladder microbiome has not been clarified. We report here that some urinary isolates of exhibit bactericidal activity, primarily due to its ability to excrete phenyl-lactic acid into its environment. Both cell free supernatants of isolates and phenyl-lactic acid exhibit bactericidal activity against a wide range of pathogens, including several that are resistant to multiple antibiotics.
Journal Title: Journal of Bacteriology
ISSN: 1098-5530; 0021-9193
Publisher: Unknown  
Date Published: 2021