Neurologic complications of cardiac disease in athletes. Journal Article

Authors: Morales-Vidal, S; Lichtenberg, R; Woods, C
Article Title: Neurologic complications of cardiac disease in athletes.
Abstract: Athletic participation at all levels of proficiency is an encouraged activity. Physicians evaluating athletes are tasked with assessing the benefits and risks of participating in vigorous physical activity and should engage in shared decision making with the athlete. Identifying the neurologic sequelae is an essential part of the assessment that is often not covered. This chapter will review the association of a wide range of cardiac disorders that can be related to or associated with subsequent neurologic sequelae, along with a brief overview of recommendations for management. Prevalent neurological complications of cardiac disease in athletes include stroke and seizures. There are also certain channelopathies that result in concurrent cardiac dysrhythmias and epilepsy. In addition, physiologic cardiac rhythm changes and the athlete's heart are discussed in the context of the differential diagnoses of subsequent cardiac and neurologic disease. The primary objective of this chapter is to prepare the physician for accurate recognition of cardiac disease in athletes that could result in neurologic complications if not diagnosed and managed early on.
Journal Title: Handbook of clinical neurology
ISSN: 0072-9752; 0072-9752
Publisher: Unknown  
Date Published: 2021
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