Neuroanesthesia Journal Article

Authors: Jellish, W. S.; Edelstein, S.
Article Title: Neuroanesthesia
Abstract: Neuroanesthesia is a subspecialty area of anesthesia that deals with the complex relationships of anesthetic medications, neurosurgical procedures, and the critical care issues that surround the management of these patients. In this chapter we will focus on a brief overview of the key features associated with the management of patients undergoing neurosurgical procedures, including a review of hemodynamic/neurologic effects of anesthetic agents, neurophysiologic monitoring, and unique medical complications associated with these procedures. For successful patient outcomes, multidisciplinary approaches and effective team communications are essential in these high-intensity environments. This chapter should serve as an introduction to the multitude of issues that face the anesthesiologist and surgeon when dealing with this patient population.
Journal Title: Handbook of clinical neurology
Volume: 121
ISSN: 0072-9752; 0072-9752
Publisher: Unknown  
Journal Place: Netherlands
Date Published: 2014
Start Page: 1623
End Page: 1633
Language: eng
Notes: CI: (c) 2014; JID: 0166161; OTO: NOTNLM; ppublish
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