T Cell IFN-gamma Suppression Following Alcohol and Burn Injury Is Independent of miRNA155 Journal Article

Authors: Li, X; Rendon, J. L.; Choudhry, M. A.
Article Title: T Cell IFN-gamma Suppression Following Alcohol and Burn Injury Is Independent of miRNA155
Abstract: miRNA155 has been implicated in normal T cell function and their differentiations into the Th1 subtype. We have shown that acute alcohol (ethanol) intoxication combined with burn injury suppresses T cell IFN-gamma release. Herein, we examined whether the decrease in IFN-gamma is resulted from altered expression of miRNA155 and transcription factors -NFAT, Tbx21, Jun and Fos - in T cells following ethanol and burn injury. Mice received ethanol ( approximately 3 g/Kg) 4 hours prior to approximately 12.5% total body surface area sham or burn injury and were sacrificed one day after injury. Splenic T cells were harvested and cultured with anti-CD3 (2 microg/ml) in the presence or absence of rIL-12 (10 ng/ml) or PMA (10 ng/ml) plus ionomycin (50 ng/ml) for 48 hours. We observed a significant decrease in miRNA155, NFAT, Tbx21, Jun and Fos expression as well as IFN-gamma release in T cells cultured with anti-CD3 following ethanol and burn injury compared with shams. The co-treatment of T cells with rIL-12 prevented the decrease in IFN-gamma and NFAT, Tbx21, Jun and Fos, but not miRNA155. In contrast, the co-treatment with PMA plus ionomycin normalized the expression of NFAT. It did not prevent the decrease in IFN-gamma, Tbx21, Jun, Fos and miRNA155. Finally, results obtained in miRNA155-/- mice did not show any change in T cell release of IFN-gamma or expression of nuclear factors compared to wildtype mice. Together, these findings suggest that while ethanol and burn injury decreases the expression of miRNA155, it may not be involved in decreased IFN-gamma under those conditions.
Journal Title: PloS one
Volume: 9
Issue: 8
ISSN: 1932-6203; 1932-6203
Publisher: Unknown  
Journal Place: United States
Date Published: 2014
Start Page: e105314
Language: eng
Notes: JID: 101285081; 2014 [ecollection]; 2014/06/05 [received]; 2014/07/21 [accepted]; 2014/08/15 [epublish]; epublish