Spatiotemporal dynamics of adenovirus membrane rupture and endosomal escape. Journal Article

Authors: Maier, O.; Marvin, S. A.; Wodrich, H.; Campbell, E. M.; Wiethoff, C. M.
Article Title: Spatiotemporal dynamics of adenovirus membrane rupture and endosomal escape.
Abstract: A key step in adenovirus cell entry is viral penetration of cellular membranes to gain access to the cytoplasm and deliver the genome to the nucleus. Yet little is known about this important event in the adenoviral life cycle. Using the cytosolic protein galectin-3 (gal3) as a marker of membrane rupture with both live- and fixed-cell imaging, we demonstrate that in the majority of instances, exposure of pVI and recruitment of gal3 to ruptured membranes occur early at or near the cell surface and occur minimally in EEA-1-positive (EEA-1(+)) early endosomes or LAMP-1(+) late endosomes/lysosomes. Live-cell imaging of Ad5 egress from gal3(+) endosomes occurs most frequently from perinuclear locations. While the Ad5 capsid is observed escaping from gal3(+) endosomes, pVI appears to remain associated with the gal3(+) ruptured endosomes. Thus, Ad5 membrane rupture and endosomal escape appear to be both spatially and temporally distinct events.
Journal Title: Journal of virology
Volume: 86
Issue: 19
ISSN: 1098-5514; 0022-538X
Publisher: American Society for Microbiology. All Rights Reserved  
Journal Place: United States
Date Published: 2012
Start Page: 10821
End Page: 10828
Language: English
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