The black box illuminated: signals and signaling Journal Article

Authors: Mascia, F.; Denning, M.; Kopan, R.; Yuspa, S. H.
Article Title: The black box illuminated: signals and signaling
Abstract: Unraveling the signaling pathways that transmit information from the cell surface to the nucleus has been a major accomplishment of modern cell and molecular biology. The benefit to humans is seen in the multitude of new therapeutics based on the illumination of these pathways. Although considerable insight has been gained in understanding homeostatic and pathological signaling in the epidermis and other skin compartments, the translation into therapy has been lacking. This review will outline advances made in understanding fundamental signaling in several of the most prominent pathways that control cutaneous development, cell-fate decisions, and keratinocyte growth and differentiation with the anticipation that this insight will contribute to new treatments for troubling skin diseases.
Keywords: Humans; Pathology; Signal Transduction; Keratinocytes; Skin Diseases
Journal Title: The Journal of investigative dermatology
Volume: 132
Issue: 3 Pt 2
ISSN: 1523-1747; 0022-202X
Publisher: Unknown  
Journal Place: United States
Date Published: 2012
Start Page: 811
End Page: 819
Language: eng
Notes: ID: 12561; JID: 0426720; 2011/12/15 [aheadofprint]; ppublish