Reported HIV-related stigma according to race and ethnicity. Journal Article

Authors: Semler, M; Pax, L; McNamara, KF; Joyce, C; Shore, J; Morey, C; Gawne, E; Clark, NM
Article Title: Reported HIV-related stigma according to race and ethnicity.
Abstract: People living with HIV/AIDS (PLWHA) have long experienced structural, community, and personal stigma. We explored differences in experienced HIV-related stigma according to race/ethnicity using quantitative and qualitative measures. Sixty-four patients were enrolled in this study (22 White and 42 people of color [POC]). POC scored higher than White PLWHA on all 12 survey statements, with statistically significant differences in disclosure concerns and with one of the statements on public attitudes towards PLWHA. Common themes in the qualitative interview were HIV disclosure concerns and fear of rejection. These data demonstrate that stigma continues to be a significant concern for PLWHA, particularly POC, meaningfully impacting their lives. By acknowledging and working to reduce negative perceptions about PLWHA, physicians may improve care for their patients by developing more trusting relationships.
Journal Title: AIDS Care
ISSN: 1360-0451; 0954-0121
Publisher: Unknown  
Date Published: 2023