Cutaneous Complications Associated With Intraosseous Access Placement. Journal Article

Authors: Konopka, E; Webb, K; Reserva, J; Moy, L; Ton-That, H; Speiser, J; Tung, R
Article Title: Cutaneous Complications Associated With Intraosseous Access Placement.
Abstract: Intraosseous (IO) access provides a potentially lifesaving means of vascular access in settings of trauma and advanced cardiovascular life support in which patients often require prompt and large volumes of fluid resuscitation, blood products, and medications. An additional benefit of IO access is the rare incidence of complications, with many studies reporting rates of less than 1%. The most commonly cited complications include compartment syndrome, osteomyelitis, traumatic bone fracture, and epiphyseal plate damage. To evaluate the dermatologic sequelae, we performed a retrospective chart review spanning 18 consecutive months to identify patients who underwent IO line placement, either at or en route to a large metropolitan level I trauma center in the Midwestern United States. Our review identified a complication rate of 2.7%, with complications including compartment syndrome, needle breakage, and a previously unreported cutaneous complication of traumatic bullae.
Journal Title: Cutis
ISSN: 2326-6929; 0011-4162
Publisher: Unknown  
Date Published: 2021