A 20-year review of surgical training case logs: Is general surgery still general? Journal Article

Authors: Kearse, LE; Zeineddin, A; Schmiederer, IS; Korndorffer, JR; Lau, JN
Article Title: A 20-year review of surgical training case logs: Is general surgery still general?
Abstract: BACKGROUND: Surgical training has undergone many facets of restructuring over the most recent decades, with critiques of the quality and variability of training as well as the competency of recent graduates. This study examines the changes in surgical training in operative volume and breadth in the past 2 decades. METHODS: The Accreditation Council for Graduate Medical Education Case Log Statistics Reports from 1999 to 2019 were reviewed. Case logs were grouped into defined case categories and group levels of postgraduate training. Descriptive analyses and multiple linear regressions were performed. RESULTS: General surgery residents are graduating with 10.7% more cases, owing to increases in mostly junior year cases (P .001). The breadth of specialty cases has decreased, while there was an increase in alimentary and abdominal cases to 58.4% from 47.2% 20 years ago. A decrease in vascular surgery cases from 19.9% to 10.7% of all cases was noted. Analysis of the distribution of defined categories showed right skewness in many categories with mode being much lower than reported mean. CONCLUSION: Evaluation of trends, despite residents graduating with higher case volume than the minimum required, shows that the breadth and variety of cases has narrowed significantly in the past 20 years, providing a case for general surgery training restructuring.
Journal Title: Surgery
ISSN: 1532-7361; 0039-6060
Publisher: Unknown  
Date Published: 2021