Management of stage I and II cervical cancer: a review. Journal Article

Authors: Chou, B; Prasad Venkatesulu, B; Coleman, RL; Harkenrider, M; Small, W
Article Title: Management of stage I and II cervical cancer: a review.
Abstract: In the modern era, cervical cancer treatment has become more multidisciplinary in nature. Accurate and precise staging based on clinical and radiographic findings, as well as identification of pathologic and molecular risk factors, may alter treatment recommendations. Additionally, the body of evidence guiding optimal treatment recommendations continues to grow. Multiple specialists including gynecologic oncologists, radiation oncologists, medical oncologists, radiologists, pathologists, and other ancillary staff, often with subspecialty experience in gynecology or cancer care, now staff multidisciplinary gynecologic oncology teams. This review highlights the basis of multidisciplinary treatment of early-stage cervical cancer, with a focus on surgical interventions, the role of adjuvant therapy, and indications for definitive chemoradiation. We specifically focus on the treatment of cervical cancer from stage IA1 (microinvasive disease) to stage IIB (parametrial involvement without involvement of pelvic sidewall). The staging manuals referenced in this review include the International Federation of Gynecology and Obstetrics (FIGO) 2018 staging as well as the updated American Joint Committee on Cancer (AJCC) 9th edition (2021).
Journal Title: International journal of gynecological cancer : official journal of the International Gynecological Cancer Society
ISSN: 1525-1438; 1048-891X
Publisher: Unknown  
Date Published: 2022
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