Does academic practice protect emergency physicians against burnout? Journal Article

Authors: Norvell, JG; Baker, AM; Carlberg, DJ; Diller, D; Dziedzic, JM; Finnell, JT; Greenberger, S; Kessler, C; Lo, BM; Moungey, BM; Schiller, E; Walter, LA
Article Title: Does academic practice protect emergency physicians against burnout?
Abstract: Burnout is a complex syndrome thought to result from long-term exposure to career-related stressors. Physicians are at higher risk for burnout than the general United States (US) working population, and emergency medicine has some of the highest burnout rates of any medical specialty. Burnout impacts physicians' quality of life, but it can also increase medical errors and negatively affect patient safety. Several studies have reported lower burnout rates and higher job satisfaction in academic medicine as compared with private practice. However, researchers have only begun to explore the factors that underlie this protective effect. This paper aims to review existing literature to identify specific aspects of academic practice in emergency medicine that may be associated with lower physician burnout rates and greater career satisfaction. Broadly, it appears that spending time in the area of emergency medicine one finds most meaningful has been associated with reduced physician burnout. Certain non-clinical academic work, including involvement in research, leadership, teaching, and mentorship, have been identified as specific activities that may protect against burnout and contribute to higher job satisfaction. Given the epidemic of physician burnout, hospitals and practice groups have a responsibility to address burnout, both by prevention and by early recognition and support. We discuss methods by which organizations can actively foster physician well-being and provide examples of 2 leading academic institutions that have developed comprehensive programs to promote physician wellness and prevent burnout.
Journal Title: Journal of the American College of Emergency Physicians open
Publisher: Unknown  
Date Published: 2020
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