Nurse Practitioners as Antibiotic Stewards: Examining Prescribing Patterns and Perceptions. Journal Article

Authors: Knobloch, MJ; Musuuza, J; Baubie, K; Saban, KL; Suda, KJ; Safdar, N
Article Title: Nurse Practitioners as Antibiotic Stewards: Examining Prescribing Patterns and Perceptions.
Abstract: BACKGROUND: Advanced practice providers in the outpatient setting play a key role in antibiotic stewardship, yet little is known about how to engage these providers in stewardship activities and what factors influence their antibiotic prescribing practices. METHODS: We used mixed methods to obtain data on practices and perceptions related to antibiotic prescribing by nurse practitioners (NP) and Veteran patients. We interviewed NPs working in the outpatient setting at one Veterans Affairs facility and conducted focus groups with Veterans. Emerging themes were mapped to the Systems Engineering Initiative for Patient Safety (SEIPS) framework. We examined NP antibiotic prescribing data from 2017-2019. RESULTS: We interviewed NPs and conducted Veteran focus groups. Nurse practitioners reported satisfaction with resources, including ready access to pharmacists and infectious disease specialists. Building patient trust was reported as essential to prescribing confidence level. Veterans indicated the need to better understand differences between viral and bacterial infections. NP prescribing patterns revealed a decline in antibiotics prescribed for upper respiratory illnesses over a three-year period. CONCLUSION: Outpatient NPs focus on educating the patient while balancing organizational access challenges. Further research is needed to determine how to include both NPs and patients when implementing outpatient antibiotic stewardship strategies. Further research is also needed to understand factors associated with the decline in nurse practitioner antibiotic prescribing observed in this study.
Journal Title: American Journal of Infection Control
ISSN: 1527-3296; 0196-6553
Publisher: Unknown  
Date Published: 2021