A Needs Assessment for Incoming Surgical Interns: Communication Effectiveness Is the Most Important Skill. Journal Article

Authors: Eguia, E; Sweigert, P; Abood, G; Baldea, A; Kabaker, A; Knab, LM
Article Title: A Needs Assessment for Incoming Surgical Interns: Communication Effectiveness Is the Most Important Skill.
Abstract: INTRODUCTION: Medical schools and surgical programs have implemented a "boot camp" to assist medical students' transition into surgical interns and help them contend with a deluge of new responsibilities. This study aims to determine what faculty, residents, and medical students identify as the most critical topics for a surgical boot camp curriculum. METHODS: Forty-five-question survey was developed through an iterative review with multiple surgical colleagues in conjunction with the American College of Surgeons/Association of Program Directors/the Association of Surgical Education resident prep curricular modules. The questions were grouped into 3 broad categories, which included technical skills, practical knowledge, and clinical knowledge. Data were analyzed by a chi-squared test for proportions and continuous variables were compared using t test or ANOVA tests, when appropriate. RESULTS: There was a total of 62 participants, 19 (31%) were attending surgeons, 28 (45%) were general surgery residents, and 15 (24%) were fourth-year medical students (MS4). The response rate for attendings was 45%, residents was 72%, and fourth-year medical students was 43%. Practical knowledge was the most important skill by all participants, followed by clinical knowledge and technical skills (mean score 4.4 vs 3.9 vs 3.2, p 0.001). The top 5 most important practical knowledge skills to have according to all participants included: how to communicate with senior residents/attendings/nurses, how to use the electronic medical record, how to perform effective handoffs, and how to write orders. CONCLUSIONS: Our study demonstrates that communication skills are the most important according to attendings, residents, and medical students. This study has implications for prioritizing the curricular components of an often tightly scheduled surgical boot camp.
Journal Title: Journal of surgical education
ISSN: 1878-7452; 1878-7452
Publisher: Elsevier Inc  
Date Published: 2020
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