HPV vaccination practices and attitudes among primary care physicians since FDA approval to age 45. Journal Article

Authors: Petrusek, J; Thorpe, E; Britt, CJ
Article Title: HPV vaccination practices and attitudes among primary care physicians since FDA approval to age 45.
Abstract: PURPOSE: The aim of this study was to examine HPV vaccine administration practices since FDA approval to age 45 and assess knowledge regarding HPV and its association with oropharyngeal cancer. METHODS: A survey was distributed to 86 primary care physicians at Loyola University Medical Center. The survey contained 11 questions designed to capture HPV vaccination practices, knowledge of FDA approval, and barriers to vaccination. RESULTS: 46 (53%) physicians completed the survey and 45 responses were included. Among respondents who treat males ages 9-21 and females ages 9-26, the vaccination is widely recommended with >95% always or almost always recommending the vaccination. Among those treating males >21, and females >26, 52% and 35% of physicians recommend vaccination to these cohorts, respectively. Only 17% and 26% of respondents would recommend the vaccine to men and women respectively up to age 45. 100% of respondents recognize an association between HPV and cervical cancer, and 90% of respondents recognize HPV's association with oropharyngeal cancer. However, respondents also associate HPV with oral cavity and laryngeal cancer. 28% of respondents said parents are barriers to vaccination, while 7% said that insurance is a barrier. CONCLUSIONS: HPV vaccination is widely recommended by physicians at our institution; however, for men older than 21 and women older than 26, vaccination recommendation rates decrease, and relatively few physicians would offer the vaccination up to age 45. Primary care physicians at our institution recognize HPV's close association to oropharyngeal cancer. Barriers to vaccination are primarily negative perception of the vaccine by patients and parents.
Journal Title: American Journal of Otolaryngology
ISSN: 1532-818X; 0196-0709
Publisher: Unknown  
Date Published: 2020