Power spectra and distribution of contrasts of natural images from different habitats Journal Article

Authors: Balboa, Rosario M.; Grzywacz, Norberto M.
Article Title: Power spectra and distribution of contrasts of natural images from different habitats
Abstract: Some theories for visual receptive fields postulate that they depend on the image statistics of the natural habitat. Consequently, different habitats may lead to different receptive fields. We thus decided to study how some of the most relevant statistics vary across habitats. In particular, atmospheric and underwater habitats were compared. For these habitats, we looked at two measures of the power spectrum and one of the distributions of contrasts. From power spectra, we analyzed the log-log slope of the fall and the degree of isotropy. From the distribution of contrasts, we analyzed the fall in a semi-log scale. Past studies found that the spatial power spectra of natural atmospheric images fall linearly in logarithmic axes with a slope of about -2 and that their distribution of contrasts shows an approximate linear fall in semi-logarithmic axes. Here, we show that the power spectrum of underwater images have statistically significantly steeper slopes ( approximately -2.5 in log-log axes) than atmospheric images. The vast majority of power spectra are non-isotropic, but their degree of anisotropy is extremely low, especially in atmospheric images. There are also statistical differences across habitats for the distribution of contrasts, with it falling faster for underwater images than for atmospheric ones. We will argue that these differences are due to the optical properties of water and that the differences have relevance for theories of visual receptive fields. These theories would predict larger receptive fields for aquatic animals compared to land animals.
Journal Title: Vision research
Volume: 43
Issue: 24
ISSN: 0042-6989
Publisher: Unknown  
Journal Place: England
Date Published: 2003
Start Page: 2527
End Page: 2537
Language: eng
Notes: J2: Vision Res