Intractable Hiccups. Journal Article

Authors: Rouse, S; Wodziak, M
Article Title: Intractable Hiccups.
Abstract: PURPOSE OF REVIEW: Hiccups are a common problem that crosses multiple disciplines including neurology, gastroenterology and pulmonology, and primary care. There are no formal guidelines to the treatment of intractable hiccups and treatment is based on experience and anecdotal evidence often relying on older medications. We have reviewed the relevant literature with an emphasis on the last five years or so in management of intractable hiccups. RECENT FINDINGS: The production of hiccups is a complex mechanism which involves multiple neurotransmitters and anatomical structure within the central and peripheral nervous system. A number of medications and other therapy have been reported successful for intractable hiccups. Intractable hiccups can occur more often than we realize and present to multiple medical disciplines. A number of pharmacologic option have been found to be useful including dopamine-blocking medication, baclofen, and gabapentin along with anticonvulsants.
Journal Title: Current neurology and neuroscience reports
ISSN: 1534-6293; 1528-4042
Publisher: Unknown  
Date Published: 2018
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