Chemometric analysis of porcine, bovine and ovine heparins. Journal Article

Authors: Ouyang, Y; Han, X; Yu, Y; Chen, J; Fu, L; Zhang, F; Linhardt, RJ; Fareed, J; Hoppensteadt, D; Jeske, W; Kouta, A; Zhang, Z; Xia, K
Article Title: Chemometric analysis of porcine, bovine and ovine heparins.
Abstract: Heparin is a polysaccharide anticoagulant drug isolated from animal tissues. There have been concerns on the safety and security of the heparin supply chain since 2007-8 when a contamination crisis led to its disruption. The current study applies a suite of modern analytical techniques to porcine, bovine and ovine intestinal mucosal heparins. These techniques include structural analysis by nuclear magnetic resonance spectrometry, disaccharide compositional analysis, bottom-up analysis of tetrasaccharides corresponding to heparin's antithrombin III binding site. Chemometric analysis was then applied to understand how these structural differences to predict the animal/tissue source of heparin and to help detect blending of heparins from various sources.
Journal Title: Journal of pharmaceutical and biomedical analysis
Publisher: Unknown  
Date Published: 2018