Modulation of epithelial cell polarity by bacterial pathogens Journal Article

Authors: Tapia, R; Kralicek, S. E.; Hecht, G. A.
Article Title: Modulation of epithelial cell polarity by bacterial pathogens
Abstract: Epithelial cells constitute a physical barrier that aids in protecting the host from microbial pathogens. Polarized epithelial cells contain distinct apical and basolateral membrane domains separated by intercellular junctions, including tight junctions (TJs), which contribute to the maintenance of apical-basal polarity. Polarity complexes also contribute to the establishment of TJ formation. Several pathogens perturb epithelial TJ barrier function and structure in addition to causing a loss of apical-basal polarity. Here, we review the impact of pathogenic bacteria on the disruption of cell-cell junctions and epithelial polarity.
Journal Title: Annals of the New York Academy of Sciences
ISSN: 1749-6632; 0077-8923
Publisher: Unknown  
Journal Place: United States
Date Published: 2017
Language: eng
Notes: LR: 20170619; CI: (c) 2017; JID: 7506858; OTO: NOTNLM; 2017/03/02 [received]; 2017/04/24 [revised]; 2017/04/27 [accepted]; aheadofprint