Incidentally-Discovered Squamous Cell Carcinoma after Endoscopic Sphincterotomy Journal Article

Authors: El-Ghazaly, T.; Ellimoottil, C; Wheeler, J.; Bresler, L
Article Title: Incidentally-Discovered Squamous Cell Carcinoma after Endoscopic Sphincterotomy
Abstract: The association between the development of bladder cancer and chronic bladder irritation is well established in the literature. Chronic urinary tract irritation can be the result of bacterial infections, foreign bodies, trauma of repeated catheterization, neurogenic bladder, urolithiasis, or chronic bladder outlet obstruction, all which have been implicated in the pathogenesis of non-bilharzial squamous cell carcinoma of the bladder (SCC). With many of the aforementioned factors present in patients with spinal cord injury, several retrospective studies have demonstrated a 16-28 fold increased relative risk of bladder cancer, with SCC accounting for 10 times more cases of bladder cancer compared to the general population. In this report, we present the case of incidentally-discovered SCC of the bladder found within sphincter/prostate chips of a patient with neurogenic bladder due to spinal cord injury n clean intermittent catheterization ho underwent sphincterotomy with negative cystoscopic findings.
Journal Title: Current urology
Volume: 8
Issue: 3
ISSN: 1661-7649; 1661-7649
Publisher: Unknown  
Journal Place: Switzerland
Date Published: 2015
Start Page: 166
End Page: 168
Language: eng
Notes: LR: 20160301; JID: 101471188; OID: NLM: PMC4748808; OTO: NOTNLM; 2014/12/04 [received]; 2015/02/18 [accepted]; 2015/09/04 [epublish]; ppublish
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