Orbito-Masticatory Syndrome Journal Article

Authors: Mettu, P.; Bhatti, M. T.; El-Dairi, M. A.; Price, E. B.; Lin, A. Y.; Alaraj, A.; Setabutr, P.; Moss, H. E.
Article Title: Orbito-Masticatory Syndrome
Abstract: We describe 2 unique cases of visual symptoms occurring during mastication in patients with lateral orbital wall defects. A 57-year-old man reported intermittent double vision and oscillopsia after a right fronto-temporal-orbito-zygomatic craniotomy with osteotomy of the lesser wing of the sphenoid for a complex invasive pituitary adenoma. Proptosis of the right globe was present only during mastication. Computed tomography (CT) revealed a bony defect in the right lateral orbital wall. A 48-year-old man presented with transient diplopia and scotoma in the right eye elicited by chewing. CT and magnetic resonance imaging demonstrated a bilobed lesion connecting the temporal fossa to the orbit through a defect in the right lateral orbital wall. The regional neuroanatomy and pathophysiology as pertaining to these cases are discussed.
Journal Title: Journal of neuro-ophthalmology : the official journal of the North American Neuro-Ophthalmology Society
ISSN: 1536-5166; 1070-8022
Publisher: Unknown  
Date Published: 2016
Language: ENG
Notes: LR: 20160303; GR: K23 EY024345/EY/NEI NIH HHS/United States; JID: 9431308; NIHMS755635; PMCR: 2017/08/25 00:00; aheadofprint
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