Pulse oximetry Journal Article

Author: Jubran, A.
Article Title: Pulse oximetry
Abstract: Pulse oximetry is universally used for monitoring patients in the critical care setting. This article updates the review on pulse oximetry that was published in 1999 in Critical Care. A summary of the recently developed multiwavelength pulse oximeters and their ability in detecting dyshemoglobins is provided. The impact of the latest signal processing techniques and reflectance technology on improving the performance of pulse oximeters during motion artifact and low perfusion conditions is critically examined. Finally, data regarding the effect of pulse oximetry on patient outcome are discussed.
Journal Title: Critical Care (London, England)
Volume: 19
ISSN: 1466-609X; 1364-8535
Publisher: Unknown  
Journal Place: England
Date Published: 2015
Start Page: 272
End Page: 015-0984-8
Language: eng
Notes: LR: 20150719; JID: 9801902; OID: NLM: PMC4504215; epublish
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