Reply to T weishaar Journal Article

Authors: Durazo-Arvizu, R. A.; Camacho, P; Bovet, P; Forrester, T; Lambert, E. V.; Plange-Rhule, J; Hoofnagle, A. N.; Aloia, J; Tayo, B; Dugas, L. R.; Cooper, R. S.; Luke, A
Article Title: Reply to T weishaar
Journal Title: The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition
Volume: 101
Issue: 2
ISSN: 1938-3207; 0002-9165
Publisher: Unknown  
Journal Place: United States
Date Published: 2015
Start Page: 413
End Page: 414
Language: eng
Notes: JID: 0376027; ppublish
LUC Authors
  1. Amy Luke
    66 Luke
  2. Bamidele Olusegun Tayo
    88 Tayo
  3. Richard Stanley Cooper
    115 Cooper
  4. Pauline Camacho
    24 Camacho
  5. Lara Dugas
    86 Dugas