Creating innovative programs for the future Journal Article

Authors: Allen, P. E.; Keough, V. A.; Armstrong, M. L.
Article Title: Creating innovative programs for the future
Abstract: Although several major national mandates advocate for a better educated workforce, this push comes at a time when the competition for faculty, financial resources, advanced technology, and students remains strong. If nurse educators are seriously considering creating a new nurse program at their school, some key points are essential during the development stage. Using the innovation frameworks from the Institute of Healthcare Improvement, from the global design firm IDEO, and from Gladwell's The Tipping Point: How Little Things Can Make a Big Difference, this article examines the informal, formal, internal, and external work needed during program conceptualization, initial program exploration, resource infrastructure, support, and evaluation for an effective and innovative plan.
Journal Title: The Journal of nursing education
Volume: 52
Issue: 9
ISSN: 0148-4834; 0148-4834
Publisher: SLACK Incorporated  
Journal Place: United States
Date Published: 2013
Start Page: 486
End Page: 491
Language: eng
Notes: CI: Copyright 2013; JID: 7705432; 2012/12/13 [received]; 2013/04/24 [accepted]; 2013/08/19 [aheadofprint]; ppublish