Differential accuracy of physical activity self-report by body mass index Journal Article

Authors: Warner, E. T.; Wolin, K. Y.; Duncan, D. T.; Heil, D. P.; Askew, S.; Bennett, G. G.
Article Title: Differential accuracy of physical activity self-report by body mass index
Abstract: OBJECTIVES: To examine whether agreement between self-reported and accelerometer-measured physical activity varies by BMI category in a low-income black sample. METHODS: Participants completed a questionnaire and wore an accelerometer for 4-6 days. Using one- and 10-minute bouts, accelerometers measured light, moderate, and vigorous physical activity time. RESULTS: Correlations varied by obesity (nonobese: one-minute r=0.41; 10-minute r=0.47; obese: one-minute r=0.21; 10-minute r=0 .14). Agreement was highest among nonobese persons (one-minute kappa = 0.48, 10-minute kappa = 0.023; obese: one-minute kappa = -0.024, 10- minute kappa = -0.020). CONCLUSIONS: We found compromised questionnaire performance among obese participants.
Journal Title: American Journal of Health Behavior
Volume: 36
Issue: 2
ISSN: 1945-7359; 1087-3244
Publisher: Unknown  
Journal Place: United States
Date Published: 2012
Start Page: 168
End Page: 178
Language: eng
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