Medication acquisition across systems of care and patient-provider communication among older veterans Journal Article

Authors: Stroupe, K. T.; Smith, B. M.; Hogan, T. P.; St Andre, J. R.; Gellad, W. F.; Weiner, S.; Lee, T. A.; Burk, M; Cunningham, F; Piette, J. D.; Rogers, T. J.; Huo, Z; Weaver, F M
Article Title: Medication acquisition across systems of care and patient-provider communication among older veterans
Abstract: PURPOSE: The results of a survey assessing Medicare Part D enrollment, the use of pharmacotherapies for chronic diseases, and other medication-use issues in a population of elderly military veterans are presented. METHODS: Medicare-eligible (i.e., >/=65 years of age) patients with documented recent service use at a single Veterans Affairs (VA) medical center were targeted for a mail survey. Women were oversampled (20%) to ensure an adequate sample size; the sample was weighted to adjust for this oversampling. Usable survey data were received from 458 survey respondents. RESULTS: Nearly all respondents (93.2%) reported having one or more chronic conditions; of those, 93.3% reported regular use of multiple drug therapies, and 30.1% reported using medications prescribed by both VA and non-VA providers for the same chronic condition. About half of the survey respondents reported at least one office visit with a non-VA physician during the previous year, and 55.8% reported obtaining medications from non-VA pharmacies. More than half (54.1%) of the respondents reported non-VA medication coverage, with 21.2% indicating they were enrolled in Medicare Part D. Among the respondents who reported obtaining medications from non-VA pharmacies, substantial proportions reported discussing those medications with VA physicians never (38.4%) or infrequently (15.7%). CONCLUSION: Although large proportions of Medicare-eligible veterans take multiple medications and use non-VA health care services and pharmacies, many do not discuss medications obtained outside the VA system with VA physicians, suggesting that increased efforts to enhance provider-patient communication and medication reconciliation across VA and non-VA systems of care may be warranted.
Journal Title: American Journal of Health-System Pharmacy : AJHP : Official Journal of the American Society of Health-System Pharmacists
Volume: 70
Issue: 9
ISSN: 1535-2900; 1079-2082
Publisher: Unknown  
Date Published: 2013
Start Page: 804
End Page: 813
Language: ENG
Notes: ID: 12921; JID: 9503023; ppublish
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