Neurologic complications of cardiac arrest Journal Article

Authors: McCoyd, M.; McKiernan, T.
Article Title: Neurologic complications of cardiac arrest
Abstract: Cardiac arrest is a common and serious medical emergency affecting upwards of 450000 Americans on an annual basis. It causes a substantial strain on the physical and financial resources of the medical system. The optimal management of patients requires the close collaboration of multiple specialists, including first responders, intensivists, cardiologists, and neurologists. The role of the neurologist for the post-arrest patient is to assist in management to minimize brain injury as well as to prognosticate long-term outcomes to help guide therapy decisions of families and physicians. This review focuses on epidemiologic data, current management recommendations, clinical and ancillary testing to suggest long-term prognosis, and common complications of cardiac arrest. Particular attention has been paid to updates, including therapeutic hypothermia, since this topic was last reviewed in 1993.
Journal Title: Handbook of clinical neurology
Volume: 119
ISSN: 0072-9752; 0072-9752
Publisher: Unknown  
Journal Place: Netherlands
Date Published: 2014
Start Page: 25
End Page: 39
Language: eng
Notes: CI: (c) 2014; JID: 0166161; ppublish
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