Physical Activity and Survival after Cancer Diagnosis in Men Journal Article

Authors: Lee, I. M.; Wolin, K. Y.; Freeman, S. E.; Sattlemair, J.; Sesso, H. D.
Article Title: Physical Activity and Survival after Cancer Diagnosis in Men
Abstract: BACKGROUND: The number of cancer survivors is increasing rapidly; however, little is known about whether engaging in physical activity after a cancer diagnosis is associated with lower mortality rates in men. METHODS: We conducted a prospective cohort study of 1,021 men (mean age, 71.3 years) who were diagnosed with cancer (other than non-melanoma skin cancer). Men reported their physical activities (walking, stair climbing, and participation in sports and recreational activities) on questionnaires in 1988, a median of 6 years after their cancer diagnosis. Physical activity was updated in 1993 and men were followed until 2008, with mortality follow-up >99% complete, during which 777 men died (337 from cancer, 190 from cardiovascular disease). RESULTS: In multivariate analyses, the relative risks for all-cause mortality associated with expending /=12,600 kJ/week in physical activity were 1.00 (referent), 0.77, 0.74, 0.76, and 0.52, respectively; p, trend 0.0001. Higher levels of physical activity also were associated with lower rates of death from cancer and cardiovascular disease; p, trend = 0.01 and 0.002, respectively. CONCLUSIONS: Engaging in physical activity after cancer diagnosis is associated with better survival among men.
Journal Title: Journal of physical activity health
ISSN: 1543-5474; 1543-3080
Publisher: Unknown  
Date Published: 2012
Language: ENG
Notes: GR: R03 CA130068/CA/NCI NIH HHS/United States; JID: 101189457; NIHMS399336; PMCR: 2014/06/17 00:00; aheadofprint