Heterotopic ossification post COVID-19: Report of two cases. Journal Article

Authors: Aziz, A; Choudhari, R; Alexander, AJ; Allam, E
Article Title: Heterotopic ossification post COVID-19: Report of two cases.
Abstract: Heterotopic ossification is often associated with trauma and surgery, and infrequently reported with immobilization due to critical illness. We present 2 patients who developed heterotopic ossification following severe COVID-19 infection. Both patients were middle-aged females who were hospitalized for one month or greater due to COVID-19 requiring mechanical ventilation. Both developed shoulder pain and/or stiffness a few months after discharge, with imaging studies clearly illustrating development of heterotopic ossification around the shoulders. The etiology is unclear, with immobilization and hypoxia being the primary considerations. Physical examination and radiography are essential to diagnosis. Awareness of this complication and early diagnosis may help minimize functional impairment.
Journal Title: Radiology case reports
Publisher: Unknown  
Date Published: 2020