Community Models of Care: A Scoping Review. Journal Article

Authors: Mullins, L; Skemp, LE; Maas, ML
Article Title: Community Models of Care: A Scoping Review.
Abstract: Nurse preparation and role in community models of care for older adults is not well documented. The purpose of the current structured scoping literature review was to identify nurse-led or nurse-involved community models of care for older adults, articulate the nurse's role and preparation in the model, and identify Triple Aim policy implications. Literature from 2008 through 2014 yielded 34 models identified in 51 articles. Twenty-one of 34 models were evaluated and none clearly articulated the full impact of a nurse role. Policy implications include: (a) consensus on degree preparation for nurses working in communities with older adults; (b) clearly defined nurse-sensitive measurements that capture the role of nursing in ambulatory and community care; (c) nonrestrictive scopes of practice for gerontological nurses and adult-gerontological nurse practitioners to extend their role beyond clinic settings; and (d) extending beyond value-based payment, which currently is largely physician awarded, and including additional Medicare and Medicaid policy to support nurses, community-level practice, and reimbursement. [Journal of Gerontological Nursing, 42(12), 12-20.].
Journal Title: Journal of gerontological nursing
ISSN: 0098-9134
Publisher: SLACK Incorporated  
Date Published: 2016