Surgical treatment of the Charcot foot Journal Article

Author: Pinzur, M. S.
Article Title: Surgical treatment of the Charcot foot
Abstract: With the increased number of diabetics worldwide and the increased incidence of morbid obesity in more prosperous cultures, there has become an increased awareness of Charcot arthropathy of the foot and ankle. Outcome studies would suggest that patients with deformity associated with Charcot Foot arthropathy have impaired health related quality of life. This awareness has led reconstructive-minded foot and ankle surgeons to develop surgical strategies to treat these acquired deformities. This article outlines the current clinical approach to this disabling medical condition. Copyright (c) 2016 John Wiley Sons, Ltd.
Keywords: Surgery; Orthopaedic Surgery and Rehabilitation; Peripheral neuropathy; Charcot; Charcot foot
Journal Title: Diabetes/metabolism research and reviews
Volume: 32 Suppl 1
ISSN: 1520-7560; 1520-7552
Publisher: Wiley Periodicals, Inc  
Journal Place: England
Date Published: 2016
Start Page: 287
End Page: 291
Language: eng
Notes: CI: Copyright (c) 2016; JID: 100883450; OTO: NOTNLM; 2015/02/18 [received]; 2015/07/01 [revised]; 2015/07/14 [accepted]; ppublish